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Help Clients Discover Their Life Purpose, Hidden Talents
And Design a Life of Meaning & Significance.

Imagine waking up everyday, knowing your work matters. Most of your clients will meet with you by phone or Skype. You make your own hours. You can work from home. You can change lives and finally earn your worth by helping others as a Certified Life Design Consultant.


Dear Friend,

Are you curious as to how you can be more fulfilled in your career, relationships, and life in general? If so, consider investing in becoming an Authorized and Certified PRISM consultant.

Once trained, you will be able to work with individuals on providing the revolutionary PRISM assessment consultation and PRISM life design programs to individuals and corporations.

The Prism Life Assessment is an in-depth profile of the core components of your life in the areas that matter. It is a snapshot of who you are and how you got here. This has a retail price of $300-$1500 per client...but the value can be priceless to the individual.

The PRISM Life Design can be an ongoing coaching or counseling relationship that could earn you more per hour than most psychiatrists or psychologists. And, you can make a difference in a more profound way to the client. Who else wants to earn an extra $2000 - $4000 per month (part-time)?

The PRISM Life Design Program is an ongoing one-on-one coaching or consulting relationship that helps the client reprogram the unconcious mind for more success, happiness, and wealth. You will be the guide as your client makes shifts at the conscious and unconscious levels by simply completing the detailed curriculum.



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