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Join People from Around the Globe at the World Renown Handwriting University’s Annual Conference. 

Imagine yourself in Las Vegas learning, mingling, and dining with some of the
top Handwriting Experts in the world while refining and mastering your skills.

Bart Baggett
President of Handwriting University International

Dear Fellow Handwriting Enthusiast,

This 3-Day conference will expand your knowledge of graphology, psychology and the human mind at all levels. It is an event that will change your life and give you the ability to CHANGE OTHERS’ lives through the advanced techniques that are difficult to teach through books or videos. This is a hands on workshop with experts standing next to you helping you get better and more accurate with each handwriting sample.

You don’t have to be certified or an experienced handwriting analyst to attend. Our doors are open to all levels and beginners are welcome. We have classes for all levels of expertise. Bring a friend.


It's difficult to explain in words the amazing experience you will have at a “LIVE EVENT,” versus the knowledge you can gain just by using books and DVD home study courses alone. Handwriting University has certified graduates in over 17 countries…and most acquired the knowledge via the power of home study courses. I'm thrilled to be able to get this knowledge to those worldwide, who can't afford to study in person. You are lucky; you can attend in person and probably jump on a quick airline flight to Las Vegas this Fall. Be on that flight.

During this event, our Faculty of experts will cover topics of special interest such as health in handwriting, life coaching, employee screening, health in handwriting, and even making extra money part-time or full-time as a professional.

This is much more than a series of boring lectures about what traits you see in handwriting. This is an experiential hands-on event where you learn the techniques used by the world's most successful handwriting experts, counselors, consultants, and speakers who have discovered how to create emotional transformation in themselves and their clients. You will leave this live event with more than new friends and a sense of community. You will leave with a deeper understanding of why you do what you do and how you can be more succesful in life, business, and your relationships.

How can I promise that you will have such a transformational experience?

Easy. I've been hosting events like this for 20 years.  I’ve been attending live events for 30 years. I've had those “magic moments” which were breakthroughs for me. I know what it took to change my own brain and experience personal and financial breakthroughs as a direct result of a seminar experience. This is not your grandma's graphology seminar!

I have designed the 3-day conference with these "Aaah Haaa!" moments in mind.

You will get to meet and learn directly from some of the world’s most respected handwriting analysts, doctors, and therapists. We have gone out of our way to locate and invite the most brilliant minds to assist you in learning more about yourself and how to change lives through the lens of handwriting analysis and grapho-therapy.

Finally, a fully interactive Conference with lots of personal attention to take your analysis and coaching skills to the next level.

  Learn Advanced Handwriting Analysis Traits & Spot Dysfunctional Personality types

  Discover Easy Techniques to Finally Earn Money Doing Handwriting Analysis.

  Learn How to Create Deep Transformation in Kids and Adults in just 30 days or Less.

  Learn to Spot Diseases in Handwriting Before the Medical Doctors Can.

  Discover the Secret to Accurate Employee Screening & How to Get Paid to Help Find People.

  Who will End Up Divorced and Lonely and Who Will Last in a Marriage?

  Learn Which Employee is Right for the Job Every Time.

 Laugh Out Loud as You Learn about Yourself and Others.

  Get Inside Information on Trait Stacking and Advanced Handwriting Analysis

  Analyze Block Printing With Accuracy.

If you are like our past “Conference Attendees,” this event will not only be the most FUN FILLED event you have ever attended, but you will walk away a changed person – having knowledge and insight into people that you can use the rest of your life to help people around you become happier and achieve more of their dreams.

Really, watch the video review below…this event is more than a handwriting conference.

Our events contain more than just handwriting analysis – our faculty teaches therapy techniques, teaching strategies, coaching strategies, business tips to make money full or part-time, and modern psychology. This is stuff you won’t read in any book or blog.

In fact, we asked this years guest speakers  to focus on things NOT found in Handwriting University’s Certification Course and not cover the “same old” traits you have read in other books.

You will leave knowing things very few other people know.

You will see handwriting samples you have never seen before.

This live event will not be a repeat of the DVD and home study courses.    You might see the same core traits in many handwriting samples, but you will see them in a new light with fresh combinations and new traits to take home.

You will get lots of one-on-one attention by the extraordinary faculty members. This is a small event.  You will get to ask questions and spend time with Certified Mentors talking about your handwriting, your family, and your own challenges and questions.   Our faculty is flying from around the world to make you a more confident and more effective handwriting analysts.

People Around the World Have Been Waiting for
The 2016 Tickets to Finally Go On-Sale

So, we are now officially pre-selling tickets for the next 3-DAY INTERNATIONAL HANDWRITING ANALYSIS SUMMIT. This will be the ONLY USA Conference in 2016… don’t miss out. Late registrations will only be accepted if we have room.  The earlier you RSVP the better.

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We will only have room for 99 people at the intimate “round table” format which students love so much. Reserve your seats early or you will miss out and be forced to be put on the waiting list.

We like to keep these seminars small and intimate, and give you the opportunity to get on-stage with our Faculty and demonstrate your skills and/or ask lots of questions. You will learn something new, whether this is your first class ever or you’ve been studying psychology for 20 years. And, we are going to add lots of special surprises and special sessions with the guest speakers.


The seminar content revolves completely around people?s beliefs, thoughts, behaviors and personalities. The primary mechanism we are using to evaluate and discuss these issues is the science of handwriting analysis.

But honestly, if we just stopped at teaching you to evaluate people…what good is that?

After this conference, you will never again have to regretfully think, “I wish I could have helped that person, but I didn't know how.” This event will you the tools to change people's lives.  We will dig into advanced Grapho-therapy and advanced Neuro-Audio-Therapy techniques to help people overcome their deepest fears and blocks to happiness.

Special Events :

We reserve Saturday morning  for two special events for students at different levels.

  1.  The main room is the Introduction to the Basics Seminar for beginning students and those people who want to practice teaching beginners how to measure slant and spot the basic traits.  This is great for all levels to see and learn.
  2.  The annex room is reserved for FINAL EXAM written and verbal testing of those Certification Level students who want to walk across the stage on Saturday night a Certified Expert.

Saturday Night is a Celebration of the new graduates on old friends.  Everyone is invited to dinner and drinks at a nearby restaurant to enjoy a relaxed time with your new friends.

We spend the last few hours of the Sunday session discussing business so you can turn your new skill into full or part time revenue. Whether you want to become a teacher, counselor, coach, or consultant;  Sunday is a day to ask questions and get clarity from those people making $300- $700 per hour in this field.

We will even have breakout bonus sessions for our enrolled Certification Level Students, Graduates, Beginners, and even Counselors and Therapist.

What’s more, we will be having special surprise guests from speakers not listed here who will blow your mind. Bart will even be revealing some of his “Million Dollar Marketing Secrets” to those people who are considering how to turn this hobby into a full or part-time career.  If you want to learn how people around the world are earning hundreds of dollars per hour,  you will want to be at the special Sunday sessions.

Plus, our speaker topics and presentations are still being finalized… so feel free to submit your special request or topic idea and we can schedule a bonus session or include your questions into the EXPERT PANELS or open Q&A sessions.

So, what is your investment to part of this amazing life changing event?

This event is not cheap to put together. We have experts flying in from all over the world (India, Canada, USA, etc)  to share with you their knowledge with you. Fortunately, Las Vegas, NV is one of the cheapest place to fly into from anywhere in the USA. Most people have secured plane tickets for under $250 round trip.

We were told by top seminar consultants to charge at least $2997 per person. Any less was simply giving this away too cheap. However, we realize many of our students have tight budgets. So, if you reserve your ticket at our official website before we sell out… you pay just $997.

But since you are a Handwriting Unversity member, we are going to give you the chance to get these tickets FIRST and at a fraction of the retail price.

If you order before midnight on June 30th, you'll get your ticket at the LOWEST PRICE it will ever be offer. PLUS, we will give you a second ticket 100% free so you can bring a friend!

Buy your ticket now for $997

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Price includes admission to seminar for one adult and one seminar three-ring printed manual.

No additional books, tapes, CDs, or Grapho-Decks are included with the seminar ticket price. We highly encourage you to be enrolled into the STANDARD or DELUXE Home Study Course to obtain maximum value and not get lost during advanced discussions. Guests and newcomers are welcome, but this seminar will have an “advanced” tone… so the more you study the basics, the more you will learn during the seminar.

What? $46 Hotel Rooms?


And, since the Fortune Hotel rooms are only $46 under the Handwriting University block of rooms… you would be wise to snatch those up right away before the prices increase.

Mark your calendar, the dates are now all set in stone, seats are very limited.

Where: Fortune Hotel & Suites 325 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169

Sleeping rooms available at group discounted rate of just $46 (while supplies last.)

September 23-25, 2016
Friday 9am-6pm
Sat 9am - 6pm
Sun 9am - 2pm

This seminar is open to all ages and all levels of experience. So, you can bring your friends.

Any questions, call one of us directly at: (310) 684-3489 Ext 2

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What’s more, if you buy our ticket and change your travel plans before July 31st… we will give you a full refund.  We will have a waiting list by July 31st, so it’s no problem for us.  So, you can feel comfortable buying now and firming up your plans as late as July.  However, the $46 hotel rooms and super CHEAP airfare available these days will not be so cheap in the middle of summer.   RSVP now and feel comfortable knowing you have a money back guarantee.

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