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Imagine yourself becoming a Certified Handwriting Experts and joining Bart and his Faculty at the 2016 Annual Conference in Las Vegas.

Bart Baggett
President of Handwriting University International

Dear Friend,

I'm running a big big sale this weekend and it's the first time the Certification Home Study course has been "on sale" for less than $1000 in years. Yep, years.

We have updated our core training videos and will be opening an entirely new "online training" website over the next few months. Our doors will be closed to new students until the next semester starts. However, you can get enrolled now and get access to the entire "shipped to your door" DVD, CD, textbook home study course AND both the current 2016 and next years 2017 online curriculum. If you don't get enrolled today... you will have to wait until October and full price in the Fall.

Plus, just to make the deal even more amazing. You get over $4400 in bonus items just for making a decision before the clock hits zero.

During this weekend's live webinar, I will be explaining the Future of Handwriting Analysis and how you can be part of this global trend. I will be (or already have) explained why employee screening, health in handwriting, counseling, teaching school kids cursive handwriting, professional speakers, coaches, and even counselers are coming to learn handwriting analysis in record numbers.

This is your chance to join our community and even attend the live conference for just a few hundreds dollars a month. This knowledge can change your life.


I have designed the Certification Training Course and Annual Confererence fot both beginners and those with experience.

You will get to meet and learn directly from some of the world’s most respected handwriting analysts, doctors, and therapists. We have gone out of our way to locate and invite the most brilliant minds to assist you in learning more about yourself and how to change lives through the lens of handwriting analysis and grapho-therapy. You will see them on the video training on the DVD, online, and you can meet some of them in person.

Plus.. you get actually three formats of the course. Shipped to your door and two version of the online course.



The Certification Home Study Course
(Shipped to your home and entirely online.)

14 Different Video sessions on 6 DVDs from Live seminar Instruction with graphics imbedded into the video! Plus, 14 new video trainings from 2016 inside the online area. Tons of bonus content when you study online and off-line.

Your Own Diploma
A blue and gold graduation Certificate to hang on your wall that tells the world of your expertise once you pass your final exams. Signed by your instructors. Suitable for framing.

Complete Trait Dictionary and Test Review Sections

Seminar footage includes guest instructors, audience questions, and professional graphical edits.


Plastic Emotional Gauge
Used to measure slant and establish emotional outlay of the writer. Essential when doing professional analyses. Not sold separately.


21 Written Tests for Certification
Complete them at your own pace. Includes questions about information found in the text and your own analysis of handwriting.


Spiral Bound "Handout" Booklet on PDF for Classic Audios
with over 70 pages of unique, hard-to-find handwriting samples of famous people. Includes writing of OJ Simpson, Bill Clinton, Ross Perot, and dozens of psychopaths, criminals, and politicians!

Over 14 Hours of live audio recordings on CDs.

Repetition is the key to learning. You should listen to the seminars over and over. These CDs contain the same content as the DVD videos. These audios are also part of the downloadable MP3 on the online membership site.



Seminar Manual shows you larger graphics so you can follow along with the videos or audio soundtracks.

Includes graphics from all sections:

1. Basics
2. Slant, Size, Pressure
3. Love & Relationships
4. Fears & Defenses
5. Criminal Minds
6. The Letter t-party
7. Intelligence
8. Misc. Traits and Exceptions
9. Hot Seats and Questions
10. Graphotherapy
11. Success Traits
12. Holistic Graphology
13. Document Examination
14. Becoming an Expert
15. Test Review

Dr. Ray Walker's Course Certification Textbook
New Edition! 150+ pages in a 3 Ring Binder for easy access, holding samples, quick reference, test taking and long-term storage. This same book and binder now available to Indian customers with no import fees.


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Finally, a fully interactive Training Course with lots of personal attention to take your analysis and coaching skills to the next level.

  Learn Handwriting Analysis Traits & Spot Dysfunctional Personality types

  Discover Easy Techniques to Finally Earn Money Doing Handwriting Analysis.

  Learn How to Create Deep Transformation in Kids and Adults in just 30 days or Less.

  Discover the Secret to Accurate Employee Screening & How to Get Paid to Help Find People.

  Who will End Up Divorced and Lonely and Who Will Last in a Marriage?

  Learn Which Employee is Right for the Job Every Time.

Become a Respected and Trained Handwriting Expert, by Using My EXACT Methods to Create a Substantial Income, Dramatically Improve Your Relationships, Learn Grapho-Therapy, Teach Others, and be Dead-on-accurate With Every Handwriting Sample You Ever Look at Again.


How Often to we put this course on sale?

Except today... Never. I've been focusing all my energy on our Authorized Trainers who enroll and teach individuals worldwide. So, we have not run a sale like this in over 2 years and you will never see this offer again. As we continue to upgrade the quality of the video trainings and increase the personal "live class" events... our tuition simply had to increaes with the quality.

You can always buy the course directly through our network of authorized trainers in cities worldwide. Yes, you can even buy today's "big sale" through an authorized trainer. Just make sure you call them before the deadline. Their "doors" close Sunday night too. <-- Choose a trainer here and call if you want a private teacher or you live in India.




take action today

If you are like our past “Conference Attendees,” this event will not only be the most FUN FILLED event you have ever attended, but you will walk away a changed person – having knowledge and insight into people that you can use the rest of your life to help people around you become happier and achieve more of their dreams.

Really, watch the video review below…this event is more than a handwriting conference... you get two tickets to the event in the USA, India... or both. It's another bonus for enrolling today.


You not only get full access to the Certification Course, you also get a bundle of amazing bonuses which will help you gain more insight into yourself and breakthrough to your next level of success.



unstoppable you

So, what is your investment to grab the course and all the bonus items this weekend?

We are literally throwing in the kitchen sink to offer something so life-changing, you will say yes to getting enrolled today.

get these tickets FIRST and at a fraction of the retail price.

If you order before 8pm on Sunday July 28th, you'll get everything on this page for one low payment of just $997.

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  • Access to the 2016 Online Certification Level Program with all the videos, worksheets, recordings, textbooks and more.
  • The Shipped to your door 301 DVD, CD, and textbook course.
  • Retail Value $1599.

Plus, these Bonuses worth $4,484...

  • Bonus #1 — Our brand new Unstoppable You Life Transformation Program for Coaches and Counselors ($997 Value!)
  • Bonus #2 — A One-on-One P.R.I.S.M. Assessment of your life with Bart Baggett ($997 Value!)

  • Bonus #3 —Two tickets to the 2016 Annual Conference in Las Vegas Nevada Setpember 23-25th 2016 ($1,990 Value!)
  • 4 live classes and Q&A calls with Bart Baggett as part of the Fall 2016 semester. ($500 Value).

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