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Handwriting Analysis 101
Starter Kit

Includes Brand new book "Handwriting Analysis 101", Emotional Gauge, The world famous Grapho-Deck®, and Handwriting University's New 60-Minute Video "Amazing Personality Secrets, Plus 3 Free Digital Bonuses


handwriting analysis for beginners, graphology,Learn the Basics of Handwriting Analysis Using Handwriting University's Best Selling Handwriting Starter Kit.... Amazing Personality Secrets Revealed.

The 2004 Handwriting 101 Starter Kit is filled with brand new Instantly available PDF files and free bonuses so you can get started the minute you place your order..

This is the best way to discover the basics of Handwriting Analysis in an easy to follow step-by-step beginner system. Starter Kit. You will be surprised how quickly and easily you will learn to instantly analyze handwriting.

Follow the interactive format of the Handwriting Analysis Starter Kit and you will:

Get more of what you want out of life.

  • Instantly know about a person's character just from a sample of handwriting.
  • Gain more confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve your relationships
  • Be the life of the party and meet new people everywhere you go!
  • Understand and predict how people will behave in relationships.
  • Discover what traits are good and which ones are bad in a relationship.


Here are the exciting tools you get with the Handwriting Analysis Starter Kit:

  • New Introductory book Handwriting Analysis 101. This detailed book comes complete with test at the end of each chapter and an emotional gauge so you can learn to measure slant. You will learn the emotional outlay, the letter t, the letter o, a, and even the sex drives and y-chart. A perfect introduction to handwriting analysis. 64 pages.

  • One Grapho-Deck®
    The Original and Best-Selling Handwriting Analysis Trait Cards. Don't leave home without them!
    51 Handwriting Flash cards that make you an instant analyst and more attention that you could ever get on your own!
  • New 60-Minute Video "Amazing Personality Secrets." World renown expert Bart Baggett talks directly to you about the fundamentals of understanding personality via handwriting using real life examples. He also explains how to use the tools inside the starter kit.
    This Special Report "How Anyone Can Be Analyzing Handwriting in 10 Minutes or Less" gives you the down and dirty, fast and easy steps on how to instantly analyze handwriting. Upon purchase, you get immediate access to this special report via our private website. Read this online, we do not send you a printed version of this special report.
    This Special Audio Program is an insightful overview of how to quickly analyze handwriting using the amazing "Grapho-Deck Handwriting Trait Cards" To make this easy for you, this audio file is available instantly on-line via Real Audio. This is both an actual audio CD shipped to your home and an on-line audio file.
    This Special Audio Program is called How to Analyze Handwriting in 10 Minutes or Less. Listen to Bart Baggett as he explains how to quickly seem like a veteran analyzing handwriting using these basic techniques. This is an actual audio CD shipped to your home and an on-line audio file.
    This BRAND NEW book by Bart Baggett called "Handwriting Success Secrets " reveals to you the personality secrets that the world's most successful men and women. Not only does this book reveal the top ten "success traits" revealed in handwriting, but it also reveals the personality "stumbling blocks" that stall you from achieving success. This 140 PDF only book is excerpted from Bart Baggett's 440 page "Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy!" ($19.95) As a bonus, you get the complete 70+ illustrated handwriting trait dictionary. We do NOT ship this book to your home. This bonus is delivered entirely on-line and is not available in print at this time.
  • Plastic Emotional Gauge
    This small plastic see-through square is an essential tool for the serious handwriting analysis student. You use this to correctly establish the emotional outlay of an individual by measuring the slant.

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