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Handwriting University's Celebrity Profile:

Michael Jackson

What does Michael Jackson's Signature Reveal on this contract:

Answer: Arrogance, pride, self-consciousness and the biggest ego I've ever seen. Can you signature get any more obnoxious?

Pedofile... can't tell. But, annoying and full of vanity... that's for sure.

Sad sad man. What fears he lives with.

"In less than a month after changing my handwriting the way Bart suggested,
things started to happen. I got rid of an abusive boyfriend, got better grades, and met my fiance. That was six years ago. The changes have helped me accomplish two degrees and a wonderful relationship.
As a bonus, it was easy."
- Christian Chrane, Bryan, TX mother and teacher








"This seminar has changed my life. It is the most efficient and effective method for personal development and for improving the quality of one's relationships."
�Kim Radcliffe Attorney and Mediator, Orlando, FL

"If you're at the point where you want to change your life, this course is a must! You'll learn more about yourself and other people than you ever thought possible, and you'll make money in the process." �Jennifer Jeffcoat Sales Rep, Orlando, Fl

"This course has been amazing! With a background in clinical research, my first reaction was to search for the evidence that this science is accurate. Upon investigation, biologically, handwriting analysis' validity makes perfect sense. Ultimately, my own personal improvement was all the proof I needed to change from skeptic to believer!"
� Deborah Mraz Clinical Research Specialist, Wilmington, NC

"I have already seen and experienced wonderful changes through grapho-therapy. People at work now seek me out as an expert in my field, and I have have many recent offers to manage important projects. All this happened in about a month from first raising my t-bar!"
�Diane McCafferty Engineer, Sandy Hook, CT




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