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*** In case you tried, but failed ***

Kathi McNight's great article last week always garners people wanting to subscribe to her monthly newsletter. The link was broken, but please visit again and get Kathi's insight here:

by Pat Provost
Edited by Cindy Little

To Act or To React

Self knowledge allows us to make decisions based on our assessment of a situation. It puts the power to decide into our hands, rather than allowing outside influences to decide for us. It is a matter of controlling our own lives for the maximum benefit. We are able to modify or change our behavior to please ourselves. We do not have to dance to someone else’s music. ACTING rather than REACTING is quite an accomplishment.

We act the way we have programmed ourselves to act, because we have not been challenged to do any differently. We make the same mistakes and repeat past actions, even when we have seen no good results. It is self-perpetuating.

Some of us have gone from childhood to old age, never really knowing who we are. We have wasted talents, missed opportunities, and lived with regret for what might have been. We get locked into a pattern of past behavior and haven’t a clue how to change.

We do not open doors or windows that we cannot see. We go along the same old path that we have been traveling, and wonder why we missed those opportunities that are so obvious in hindsight.

Choose to Act Now

Knowledge is power and self-knowledge is unbelievable power. It is the thing that changes us from a lump of clay into a work of art.

If we switch clothing from one closet to another, we will continually return to the original closet, until we have reprogrammed our brain to realize there has been a change. It takes time. It is not instantaneous. We have to work at it.

We have all known people who can read others like a book. Some make a living at it. Some may even be family. They know what buttons to push and how hard to push them. They play us like a piano to get the reaction they want.

We have to “know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em”. By knowing ourselves, we take back the power and the responsibility for our own lives.

Knowing ourselves is a wonderful thing. It opens doors and opportunities that we would otherwise have missed.

The Tools for Change

Handwriting analysis cannot predict the future, but it is a great indicator of how someone will react to future situations. This insight is what makes handwriting analysis such a valuable tool for learning about character and personality.

Handwriting Analysis, for me, has been a life changing process. I started Bart’s course after retiring and have never looked back. A great deal of what could have been, what should have been, is now changed to what is.

I believe that we should have our writing analyzed by someone we trust... I did, because it is very difficult for me to be “objective” about me. We are all wonderful in our own eyes.

A good analyst can tell us things we would rather not know, and do it tactfully. This is the self-knowledge that allows us to grow. You can dance to your own music, play your own tune and waltz away a lot smarter than you were before.

Act, don’t react!

Who is smarter than you? You can be, if you “Know Yourself.”

Pat Provost is a Certified Handwriting
Analyst and can be reached via email at:
ProvostPatricia @


SPOTLIGHTED LEARNING TOOL: Become a forensic document examiner

Speaking of seizing the reigns and taking charge of your life, how would you like a new career that allows you to earn while you learn?

Our Forensic Document Examination program will provide you with the knowledge, skills and opporunity to become a court qualified document examiner. You can learn from home, via the phone and your computer, and get paid during your apprenticeship as you take on real cases and are mentored by an expert.

Find out more here:

03/21/05 Wanted to let you know ... I spoke to my Tax Attorney earlier today and he reiterated that the IRS Revenue Officer was further persuaded in his decision to grant the separation of my liability from my ex-husband's because of your finding that my signature had been forged on the tax return. As my attorney put it, "That was money well spent." I thank you so much for that.
- Susan Stalker
San Ramon, CA


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Remember what Pat said in today's newsletter, about making better choices in life, seeing your opportunities and using the tools life provides? Here are a couple of our students who echo those sentiments - and who found what they needed through Handwriting University:

The greatest benefit that I got from Bart Baggett's Seminar is you can really evaluate your personality and see what you are lacking and make better choices in life.
Art Bimkin
West Hollywood, CA

The greatest benefit I got from Bart's Seminar, is a set of tools that I will use in both my personal and professional life.
Susan Knoll
Valencia, CA

You can watch Art and Susan share their thoughts online here:
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Bart Baggett, Author and Lead Trainer
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