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Handwriting University's Weekly Strokes Newsletter

by Taylor Morgan
Contributing Editor: Bart Baggett


Make $100 an Hour Detecting Forgeries


1. Feature story: Document examiners needed. ($)
2. Spotlighted special events
3. F.A.Q.
4. Rave reviews

Feature story: Document Examiners Needed! Make $1,000/day ====================================

"The client gladly paid $500 for my opinion.
It is amazing that I am ready to take clients after
only eight months in the school.
My mentor is working side-by-side with me on this case."
- Peggy Walla, Sophmore, Handwriting University School of Forensics

There are many ways in which handwriting analysis can be marketed for profit.
These include: employee screening, document examining,
personality/compatibility evaluation, grapho-therapy, and entertainment.

This issue of Weekly Strokes Newsletter will focus on Document Examining,
which involves examining questioned documents, such as checks or contracts, to detect forgery. When trained, you can make as much as $1,000 a day.... read on to learn how.

Our current students are not even half way through the two year program and some have already earned this kind of money. This is no exaggeration; it's the going rate for court testimony by an expert witness. And our current students are already taking clients, examining cases, and earning money.

For a victim of forgery, it can be challenging to prove their case. Some people's entire life savings and their whole business is at stake because of a forgery.

Unfortunately, many attorneys lack experience to properly handle fraud and forgery cases. That's where a trained expert document examiner comes in. Often, these cases never even get to a jury; they are settled out of court or even dropped because of the powerful sworn testimony of a handwriting expert. That expert.... could be YOU!

There is a nationwide shortage of qualified examiners,
and even fewer who are certified to testify as an Expert Witness.
Which means there is a tremendous opportunity, if you are interested in
applying your knowledge and skill to a very specialized area of handwriting expertise.

Curt Baggett is one of the foremost Expert Document Examiners in the country.
(You may recognize Curt's voice from the audio tapes of
Handwriting's Handwriting Analysis Home Study course,
or you might have seen him on CNBC.)

I spoke to Curt recently about his experience in the field,
and how to get started.

Asked to summarize what he does, he says simply,
"My job is to decide who wrote what."

First and foremost, this requires a natural curiosity.
"Anyone can do this, but you have to have a Sherlock Holmes tendency to investigate."

He is frank when asked about the degree of difficulty of doing this work.
"It's not a rocket science. Anyone can go through the training,
and learn the techniques."

To train, he recommends a 2-year on-the-job training program and apprenticeship program. Handwriting University is now accepting enrollments for the FALL 2004 program.

You still have time to submit your application.
We only accepts 20 students per year from the entire USA.

Click below for details and view the 8 page course catalog:


Find out more here:

Unlike many experts in the field, he keeps his prices accessible.
Some examiners charge over $1,000 just to look at a case;
Curt offers a verbal opinion for less than $299. For some clients,
all they need is the truth, to put their mind at ease.

He does, however, command $1,000 per day, plus expenses,
to testify in court. He is very much in demand, flying all over the country.

While he fully appreciates that he's well compensated
for his time and expertise, Curt has also had the very personal gratification
of seeing clients exonerated for crimes they did not commit.

In one case, a man served more than 10 years on death row
before finding Curt. One of the pieces of evidence used to convict him
were love letters to the victim, forged by a man who set him up for the crime,
and even testified against him at the trial.

Curt's expert testimony was the key piece of evidence that re-opened the case
and got the death row inmate a new trial.
Curt saved an innocent man's life. Wow.

It's what keeps him hard at work, and why he recommends the field so highly.
"It's a great satisfaction... if you can make money helping people."


Curt will be hosting a teleconference introducting document examination
to new students soon. Meet Curt Baggett himself,
at Handwriting University's last live certification seminar later this year.

Find out more here:



"I find the work to be challenging, the faculty professional,
and the course work to be exciting. I am looking forward to a new career,
and the satisfaction of being able to help people in a new way."

-Dr. Joe Alexander, M.D. Student, Fall 2003

"The client gladly paid $500 for my opinion.
It was amazing that I am ready to take clients after
only eight months in the school"

- Peggy Walla, Sophomore,
Handwriting University School of Forensic Document Examination

"Working with real cases really helps me to refine my skills.
I gain confidence and experience with each exercise.
The most appealing aspect is the ability to eventually
impact people's lives for the better, and in a field that is
wide open, so the market is definitely there.

-Ken Fong Student, Fall 2003


"This course is offering something no one has offered before.
I love the learning process and solving cases. It is definitely worth the investment."

-Miranda Fitchett, Deputy Sheriff Student, Fall 2003



Q. Can you tell if someone is a criminal by his handwriting?

A. No. By definition, a criminal is someone who has been convicted of a crime.
However, you can identify tendencies such as honesty and aggression,
but these don't determine if someone will commit crime.

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home study courses, or want to get started.
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| Place an Order | Become a Reseller / Affiliate | For the Media
| Place an Order | Become a Reseller / Affiliate | For the Media

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