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"All lovers swear more performance than they are able. "

...William Shakespeare


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Chapter 8.

Many years ago, I attended a handwriting analysis conference in San Angelo, Texas. There, I learned quite a bit about people and their handwriting.  But the most valuable lesson came not from a lecture, but from a cocktail waitress named Danielle.  Experience was my best teacher at that conference.

After a day of lectures and discussions, I found myself in the hotel lounge. I was dancing and laughing with four very intelligent women, who happened to make up the executive board of this particular organization.  They were all very competent handwriting analysts as well as fun people.  (By the way, I have found when you spend your free time with people who are already accomplished; your chances of becoming more successful increase dramatically.)  I thought if I could spend my evening with anyone, why not with the leaders?

Danielle: The Sad Sexy Self-Destructive Girl

Danielle Sample


Our table was charmed by a young and pretty waitress named Danielle.  She was drop-dead beautiful, long blond hair, but had a sadness about her than made me curious to analyze her handwriting.  Although I learned from the lesson that a person’s outside looks rarely are an accurate barometer of their inner soul, looks are still a tempting reason to extend a conversation.  

To make a long story shorter, I asked her for a sample of handwriting on a napkin.  She complied just like most people do when you make that unique offer.  Unfortunately, I never made it home with the napkin.  Therefore, the handwriting sample shown here is my best rendition of what I remember it looked liked.  I analyzed her handwriting and then my analyst friends analyzed her writing also.  Danielle sat in bewilderment as her life unfolded in less time than it takes to down a drink. 

Danielle was quite a character.  The first thing I noticed in her handwriting was that she had no upper loops.  No upper loops signify a lack of a stable morality or ethics. I jokingly call this type of person a sociopath. This means that whatever feels good at the moment, she does.  It is a nice trait to find if you like one-night stands.  However, I would never date or depend on someone like that.  She had an imagination twice the size of reality (huge lower loops) and a failure complex so bad she could screw up a one-man funeral. 

Danielle also possessed an anger directed at all men (stingers), a desire for attention (high ending strokes), and basically a logical, self-centered, emotional outlay (AB writer). Linda saw that she had an eating disorder in her handwriting.  Danielle was amazed because it was absolutely true.  Judging by her thin, lean body, she could have had a serious eating disorder, but how she determined this from her handwriting… I’m not sure it was more than a lucky guess based on her self-esteem and her body structure.

Linda saw something I didn’t:  potential.  Although Danielle had some big round m’s and n’s she also had just as many steeple pointed ones (fast thinking patterns and not depicted in sample writing).  It surprised me she was such a quick thinker.  Linda told her of her unlimited potential and that her lack of self-esteem was always holding her back.  When she said this, I saw a sense of happiness and joy in Danielle’s eyes that was magical. “You mean I’m not stupid?  I can be successful some day, I am smart?”  It saddened me to see a person with such a good mind to be stuck with such a low self-confidence level about her intelligence.  As the story unfolded, her father had frequently told her she was stupid and incompetent.  Like most impressionable children, she believed what people said. Words are very powerful things.

Danielle, like many people with low self-esteem, dwelt on the bad points.  The reason I didn’t mention her potential is because the handwriting only reveals what the personality is at the time of the handwriting sample.  The future is not mine to predict. It is the sole responsibility of the individual. As my career has evolved, I often do throw in a positive affirmation of their potential as a gift.  However, as a reader, you should know that I do not see the future, only the present and often how the past might have influenced it.

As a learning point, people with no upper loops have difficulty visualizing the future.  They are stuck in today, the moment.   At the time Danielle wrote on that napkin, I didn’t perceive her as having any of the fundamental personality traits to achieve any substantial success.  She had a quick mind, but too many self–sabotaging traits to achieve lasting success.  Of course, I didn’t tell her this, as it was my opinion and wouldn’t have been a benefit to her to hear any more negatives.

On the other hand, everyone has their own destiny or potential in their own hands.  If Danielle changed she might achieve something significant.  Since I’m not into fortune telling, I don’t talk about what will or could be when I analyze handwriting. I do, however, point out the positive traits and encourage the client to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. But, from the writing, I could tell this woman had some damaging events in her past and they were still limiting her happiness and potential.  I was right. In Danielle’s case, I saw certain traits, which told me she had the cards stacked against her in achieving any level of success or happiness. It would take dramatic, drastic changes for her to overcome her problems. Although she had some really deeply ingrained negative subconscious personality traits, she was congenial, friendly, funny, and cute.   The handwriting reveals the best and worst of a person at the deepest level.  Danielle was quite fun and personable on the surface.  I really liked spending time with her, although my logic reminded me that her actual personality was a bit damaged to take this a candidate for a serious relationship.


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