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Change Your Life:

Introduction to Workbook for Kids

Following is an excerpt from the "Change Your Life in 30 Days" Workbook for Kids by Bart A. Baggett.

Topics included are Development of our young people, What traits make us happy?, Scientific research, and Improving your life is simple.

Kids Workbook Cover

Development of our young people ...Because I believe that children are our most valuable asset, I have turned my attention to the development of our wonderful and creative young people. I have spent over a decade studying and creating methods to quickly transform someone's life from a mediocre (or painful) existence into a passionate, fun, joy-filled life!...You may be familiar with fields of study such as cognitive psychology, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, and handwriting analysis...I began to integrate many of these techniques with creative ideas of my own. One of the results is the workbook you hold in your hand...

Most of our undesirable habits, behaviors, or personality traits originate during our childhood...Most of our beliefs, values, and habit patterns that facilitate long-term success or failure seem to be formed before the age of fourteen, and in many cases, even before age seven. So, in my private counseling practice, I found myself "fixing", "undoing", or "changing perceptions" about events, beliefs, traumas, etc. that happened during childhood. Most clients had been living with some level of pain all their adult lives. I began to wonder how easy it would be to begin cleaning up these psychological blemishes during childhood. Therefore, the children could live through their teenage years and into adulthood without the baggage, that probably would need to cleared someday, limiting their happiness.

My experiences led me to create this workbook specifically for children. It is designed to create a foundation of strength and character at an early age. By combining the science of handwriting analysis with traditional training in handwriting, this workbook makes subtle yet powerful shifts in the child's mind, with only slight variations in the actual handwriting.

If you want to train your child to be a great gymnast, and start training him at age one, can you imagine what a head start your child would have? Compare his skill with someone who began gymnastics at age 14...or 35. The difference is obvious. The child that completes this workbook will be learning mental and physical habits that will last a lifetime.

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What traits make us happy? ...The most successful, happy, stable, and emotionally mature people have certain things in common...neurologically...New research indicates that emotional intelligence is a dependable prediction of happiness and success in life. As an expert in handwriting analysis, I have visually noticed common traits in the handwriting of successful people as well. Some of these similar traits are high self-esteem, intelligence, fluidity of thought, creativity, drive, etc. This workbook will assist in conditioning these and other desired personality characteristics into your child's brain...

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Scientific research ...There has also been research on the actual movements of the hand and its relationship to the stimulation in the brain. The research (UCLA-1991) goes on to explain that by changing the movements of the index finger only, a totally separate part of the brain was stimulated and produced different chemicals. Did you know that only a fraction of a centimeter difference in the movement of your hand could produce and stimulate a different part of your brain? It can, and does...The link between your handwriting and the stimulation of the brain is now clear...Changing your handwriting does change your personality and behavior!

In a nutshell, when we consistently change the movements of our muscles, we change the direction and state of our minds. As these new movements become a habit, the old habits begin to fade away. Therefore, by changing the small movements of the hand, which can be measured by looking at our handwriting, we are changing the corresponding brain signal. When these changes become a habit, we have established a new personality trait (neuro-pathway for brain communication).

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Improving your life is simple ...The best thing about this entire medium for improving your life is it is simple. You and your child are writing every day. By using this powerful yet simple technique, you will have made a profound difference in your life and the lives of your children.


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Bart Baggett

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