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"It's National Handwriting Week!"

*** Weekly Strokes Newsletter ***

Written by Bart Baggett, President of

Special Edition



--> See PRweb News article (2009) What Does Your John Hancock Reveal?


2008 Article Follows:

What does your handwriting reveal?

Do you have the success traits of John Hancock, Oprah Winfrey, or Steven Spielberg?

This special week takes a closer look at all the benefits that the sciences of handwriting analysis contributes to American society; employee screening, self-improvement, personality profiling, and even courtroom document forgery examinations!


[[[[[[[[[[  Table of Contents  ]]]]]]]]]]

1. National Handwriting Week

2. Common Questions

3. Sample of the Week - Lonely Fan or Desperate Stalker?

National Handwriting Week is upon us.

Did you know that John Hancock's birthday is in January? Our best research indicates he was born on January 23rd. So, handwriting analysts worldwide (and the media) have designated January 19th-25th as National Handwriting Week.

Did you know that John Hancock's birthday is in January? Our best research indicates he was born on January 23rd. So, handwriting analysts worldwide (and the media) have designated January 19th-25th as National Handwriting Week.

As a way to celebrate, all new students of Handwriting University's Certification Program are getting special bonuses and discounts when if you enroll by Friday!

In fact, Maryann has been given the authority to give unbelievable "package" prices when you decide to attend the upcoming seminar and enroll into the Deluxe Course.

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Bart Baggett and other Handwriting University Faculty members will be appearing on radio & TV shows nationwide promoting handwriting. If you are a trained handwriting expert, contact your local newspaper. This week, you are especially newsworthy!

If you want to learn more about this week, you can read our on-line press releases here. If you are looking for local handwriting expert to interview, check out our "media trained" experts here.

Did you know that each month, hundreds of cases of forgery are solved by qualified document examiner? Many are faculty and students of Handwriting's School of Forensic Document Examination.

Did you know that each day hundreds of people around the world start using "Grapho-Therapy" to change their own life? People interested in changing their own life are starting by changing their own handwriting to effect thier own belief systems and change their personality. Bart's latest book and his workbooks for kids and adults are part of the reason for the excitement.

Can success potential really be revealed through the stroke of a pen?

Handwriting Analyst offers Success Secrets of The Rich & Happy during National Handwriting Week (Jan. 19-25th)

"Mind your p's and q's", the old saying goes. It could mean the difference between success and struggle.

According to Bart Baggett, one of the nation's premier handwriting experts and President of HandwritingUniversity (now with campuses in India, China, and Australia), the way you cross your T's and dot your I's can determine your chance for success. In his new book The Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy (Empresse Publishing, 434 pages) Baggett explains the "success traits" found in handwriting of people like Michael J. Fox, Martin Luther King, John Glenn, Michael Jordon, and Oprah Winfrey. Readers will see a handwriting analysis by Mr. Baggett of recent pop star Britney Spears in the February 2002 issue of Jane Magazine.

Special attention is drawn to Baggett's works each year during National Handwriting Week January 20-26th, which marks John Hancock's Birthday (Jan 23rd). National Handwriting Week focuses attention on the benefits of handwriting analysis and its use as an important tool in business, education, social relationships, and even self-help. Hancock's handwriting and that of other American heroes may offer lessons of character and untapped achievement.

Baggett said in a recent Biography Magazine interview, "It is inspiring to look up to men and women who have accomplished great things. America loves heros. However, most of us don't really believe we can accomplish what they accomplish. My approach is to inspire people to be more like their hero's character. It is the personality, beliefs, and values that moved the person to achieve great things. We can teach our kids how to build great character. From that, people will do great things."

"I have researched the handwriting of thousands of successful people around the world and the success traits are extremely consistent," said Baggett. "The traits are easy to spot once you learn them, and what's even more exciting is you can actually program your own handwriting to include the success traits and see positive differences in your life. Successful people have a specific set of beliefs, attitutes, and habits that non-successful people do not share. The more you change yourself to "model" these success traits, the faster your own life will begin to prosper. Happiness is not difficult to achieve, but it helps to have a roadmap. My latest book is that roadmap."

Read the complete on-line press release here.

Because of this unique week, I have created a special bonus for new students that enroll into the certification course! You and your spouse can attend our upcoming "3-Day International Handwriting Analysis Summit" at a very very special "discounted" guest price, when you enroll into the Deluxe Course during this special week. Call Course Information Specialist for the details of this offer.


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***** Common Questions *****

The most common question I hear is "What if I only print?"

This and other common questions are answered at our comprehensive on-line FAQ page.

The answer is quite simple. "Never trust a printer!"

No, I'm just kidding.

Printers could be the most ethical or the most treacherous people; but, the writing doesn't give us enough information to be totally sure which one they are. Printing is basically utlra "masculine" or "tough exterior". It is the YANG of the YING/YANG in eastern philosophy.

Even some women block print; but those women are tough and strong (Madonna for example.)

People who block print do so because they reveal less of themselves to the world. Upstrokes reveal the emotional outlay of a person and are essential in capturing an accurate personality picture via handwriting. Block printing is only downstrokes. Therefore, the amount of quality information one can glean from a printer is much less than from a cursive sample.

Hiding emotions is not always a negative trait. However, most printers do not have possess the tendency to have "intimacy" and the highest level of communication skills in the context of relationships. They will tell you they 'print' because it is just faster. Well, it is faster to 'not' talk about your feelings either. Got it?

Printers can be complicated and might not reveal as much about thier feelings as their lover might want them to. Our courses focus on cursive writing, because it reveals so much more about the perosn.

***** Featured Handwriting Samples *****

Is this a dangerous stalker or just a lonely fan of a radio host that needs to get a life? You tell me...

This sample includes Real Audio commentary.

Have you seen Martin Luther King's writing? Because January 19th is an official U.S. holiday celebrating the slain black American civil rights leader, you can see his and other successful people's penmanship in this on-line article.


More Questions about Handwriting or Learning Handwriting Analysis?

Maryann is now available to answer any questions about products or she can enroll you in one of our handwriting analysis home study courses. If you have been thinking about learning more, call Maryann today at 1-800-398-2278 (in North America). Since the textbooks are now all available on-line, you can get started the moment you hang up the phone after enrolling!

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