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Beware of online dating... you could meet someone like Danny!

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Bart Baggett, celebrity handwritingexpert

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You met him on AOL.
You both like to dance.
Now, he wants a date...
He faxes you his handwriting... what do you do?

A few good reasons you should not date Danny. And why you should always analyze the handwriting before the first date.

-Written by Bart Baggett,

Author of the best selling book
The Secrets to Making Love Happen
How to find, choose, and attract your perfect mate through Handwriting Analysis. 304 pages.

A close friend of mine picked Danny out of 52 possible dates last week from the America Online profiles/ dating pool. He liked to dance, had a way with words, and seemed to have it all together. In her prudence, she had Danny fax a full page written letter to be analyzed before she accepted the date. Good move. She saved herself heart-ache and possible injury. Danny is not the most stable man in the AOL dating club and he doesn't have a date with my friend.

1. Fear of success downward y-loops
2. Wide variety of m and n shapes ... this makes me wonder about drug use or a general lack of emotional stability
3. High crossed t-bar = Good confidence & ambition
4. Downward t-bar w/ point = control issues = domineering.
5. Lying loops = shades the truth... will lie to your face.
6. excessive angles in the middle and lower zone = aggression
7. Capital I that is pulled to the left = emotional withdrawal and unresolved emotional issues related to parents (often this person has needy issues relating to his mother)

Listen to Bart's full analysis using Real audio by clicking here.

ONE of THREE samples show for DANNY the AOL date.

See enlarged version of writing sample here.
Sample 1 - o's
Sample 2 - m's

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Danny Enlarged


Sample 2 - notice weird mal-shaped m and n humps... this bothers me.

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