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If you have questions about which specific product to order, feel free to call 1-800-398-2278. (a division of Mental Fitness Publishing) proudly presents products and training by Bart A. Baggett and Handwriting Your complete source for Handwriting Analysis and other courses for understanding others and improving yourself. We have "certified" students in countries all around the globe. Your on-line order via credit card will be processed the fastest!

If you are ready to place an order, we recommend you use our automated "Secure On-Line" Ordering system. This is the most secure, reliable, and fastest way to get us your order. It is so safe to use your credit card, your credit card company will reimburse your account every penny if someone were to get your number. But they can't because before you type in your credit card number, you are transported away from "" onto a secure server where no one else can see your number. Not every product on our website is ready to be purchased via our on-line shopping cart (look for the "add item to order" button under each product), but we are hard at work getting them all ready for automation.

Check out this page for the current specials that you can purchase on-line:

Ordering any product is easy!

  • Secure On-line Ordering
    Click here to order from our On-line Product Catalog
    One reason our "website prices" are so low is the automation of your order saves us money and staff time. Therefore, we request you first attempt to use the "secure on-line ordering" function if you can. (MC / Visa / Amex / Discover... we prefer Discover) In the past, some transactions have been declined using the automated system because of little details like the address you type in does not match the address that the credit card is billed to... if something peculiar happens to you and you cannot use the on-line shopping cart then please order using your fax machine.

    *** Canadian ***
    Orders shipped from U.S. via UPS are charged actual UPS shipping charges. However, UPS imposes a steep "customs handling" fee that is often up to 18 US dollars. This is charged directly to Canadian customers from UPS upon delivery. In an attempt to offset this "unreasonable" charge, we often ship products to our Canadian customers without an invoice in the box so your "import" fees are less.

    You will only be billed the actual UPS international shipping charges. If it is necessary, a second charge will appear on your credit card to reflect the additional shipping charge. However, Canadian shipping is usually just $4-10 more than the US domestic rate.

  • Fax
    You can fax your order to our office 24 hours a day. Fax # 310-861-1614. Please include your shipping address, e-mail, telephone number, and a fax number. We will gladly fax you back a "confirmation of order" upon your request.
  • Mail
    Finally, you can use the old fashion method... snail mail.

    If you choose not to order online using a credit card,
    please make check or money order to Handwriting University then send
    your order to:

    Handwriting University International
    15233 Ventura Blvd Suite 550,
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91404
    Pacific Time Zone
    Telephone: 1-310-684-3489

  • USPS usually takes 4-7 days within the continental United States.

    Your order is usually shipped within 24-48 hours of the time you place the order.

  • Phone
    If you are one of those people that absolutely has to talk to a "live human being" to place your order, then the phone number to our home office is below. Because of the incredible automation that is now possible, we do not staff our office five days a week to take incoming phone calls. We highly recommend you e-mail us first, then one of our staff will respond via e-mail or by telephone at a time that is convenient for you.
    Los Angeles, CA 91404
    Pacific Time Zone USA
    Telephone: 1-310-684-3489
  • PS. Phone calls are usually returned within 48 hours, but incoming e-mails are treated with first priority.

    PSS. If your country has any unusual "taxes" or "tariffs" on incoming packages, please let us know with your order. We will gladly send you the invoice in a separate envelope and label the package according to your instructions.

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