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Stubborn...thru...Will Power

(Section 10)

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Revealed by t and d- stems shaped like a tepee or upside down "V". The more this letter is braced, the more this person is braced to his own ideas. Stubborn people rarely admit they are wrong, and don't want to be confused with the facts after they have made up their minds.

Surface Thinker

This person is a quick thinker. He tends to depend on other people's views rather than on personal investigation. He often makes decisions based on others' opinions.


These people must move their mouth. Sometimes they will talk just to hear their own voice.



Shown by a t-bar that is crossed predominantly on the right side of the stem. The more it occurs, the easier irritation will cause them to lose control of their emotions. If combined with a heavy rightward (DE,E+) slant, they will blow up quickly.



Shown by ending hooks on the right side of letters. This person tends to hold on to what is hers. If the hook is in the upper zone she will cling to her ideas and beliefs. If in the middle zone, she will be tenacious about material items.

Too Many Irons In The Fire

This writer has too many projects going on at one time, thus having confusion of interests.

Will Power

This person will be able to follow a set course and display strong powers of the will. Will power tends to intensify all other personality traits.


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