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In the middle zone, it is a need to acquire material things. If shown in the upper zone, it is a need to acquire knowledge, ideas, or education.



Shown by hard right upstrokes that replace a lower loop. The aggressive person pushes forward into the future asserting himself physically. Often this person needs physically aggressive outlets such as competitive sports or even violence.



This person relates to both introverts and extroverts while keeping a level head even amidst the existence of emotional feelings such as empathy, sympathy, and even passion. Falls into the middle-of-the-road catogory on many issues.

Analytical Thinker

The analytical person analyzes everything. This person has a strong reasoning ability to sift and weigh the facts.



Shown when the lower loops of y's , g's, and sometimes j's are retraced completely. The anti-social person does not trust anyone and rarely lets people get close enough to really know him. He fears getting hurt emotionally. This is a roadblock to intimacy.




Shown by the break-away p with a high beginning stroke. This person likes to argue. The trait will be increased if the writer is also analytical, irritated, sarcastic, stubborn, and/or impulsive.


Attentive to Details

The writer pays attention to details. This trait contributes to a good memory. Notices everything.


This writer is inclined to be careful in order to minimize risk. This cautious tendency reduces any impulsive behavior and causes one to look before leaping.

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