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Comprehensive Thinker...thru... Desire for More Physical Activity

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Comprehensive Thinker

Comprehensive Thinker

Revealed by needle point strokes on the top of the n and m, also in the h or i. These people have lightning fast minds that are able to size up situations instantly. They are curious, impatient, intelligent and usually in a hurry.

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People with this trait have the ability to shut everything out of their mind and fully concentrate on one thing at a time. Often, on a first impression, these people seem reserved.

Cumulative Thinker

These people need all the facts before making a decision. They may take longer to learn, but they will remember. They can be very creative and good with their hands.

Curious and Investigative

A quick, investigative, and exploratory thinker sizes up people and situations instantly. Gets irritated by slow talkers.



A large lower case letter, especially k anywhere in the writing. This high buckle k is often referred to as the "go to hell K". The defiant person resists other's authority. Seen as resentment at being told what to do and as rebellion in young people.


Desire for Attention

Desire for Attention

High ending strokes that go up in the air much like a child raising his hand in class for attention. This person needs to be the center of attention and is always looking for ways to get noticed. This person needs lots of recognition.


Desire for Culture

These writers have a desire for cultural things such as travel, adventure, music, and fine food.

Desire for More Physical Activity

The desire for more physical activity could include any physical activity such as exercise, travel, or sex.

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