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Desire for Responsibility...thru... Ego Strength

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Desire for Responsibility

Desire for Responsibility
Shown by a large round loop at the beginning of a word, usually in capital letters like W or M, but also found in the S. This person has a desire to be needed by a large number of people and will need to be in a leadership role.



Downslanted humps toward the right on m's and n's. This person has the ability to say things in a way that other people want to hear. He can also phrase touchy subjects in a nice, inoffensive way.

This person wants people to stop beating around the bush and get to the point. Direct people don't like to be slowed down.
The dominant person tends to be in control and likes it. He takes charge making people follow directions without angering them.

Down-slanted t-bar, to the right, with a sharp ending. The domineering person tends to fight for control. He takes charge, insisting people follow him. The sharp t-bar signifies sarcasm, whining, griping, and possible cruelness when he doesn't get his way. An unpleasant trait.

Dual Personality
This person has trouble making decisions because the head and heart are in conflict. He withdraws into the introverted personality when he feels insecure. Unpredictable mood swings.
Ego Strength
Indicates the writer's ego strength, which can be anywhere from weak to an inflated importance of himself, thus affecting self-esteem.

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