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Emotionally Withdrawn...thru... Fluidity of Thought

(Section 4)

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Emotionally Withdrawn

An introvert. This person keeps his own counsel, rarely expresses feelings, and makes logical unemotional decisions.

Emotionally Responsive

The writing reveals the heart-ruled, moody, impulsive person. This person is subject to emotional stimuli. This writer naturally relates to people's emotions and has a constant need for affection. He can be very expressive with his emotions and relates to others easily.



An unusually long stroke that makes the cross bar of the t. This writer bubbles over with enthusiasm and excitement. Enthusiasm is a key ingredient to success in leadership because it motivates others toward action.



Revealed by wide letter/word spaces and long final endings or ostentatious strokes. This person tends to overdo things. One may first notice this trait in the style of clothes she wears. It is a combination of desire for attention and generosity to one's self.


Fear of Success

The person will come close to success, then turn away. Often a feeling of dejection occurs near success, thus this person gets very close to success, then fails.

Fluidity of Thought

Signifies the ability to follow and change thoughts smoothly. Often a good conversationalist, speaker, or writer.

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