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(Section 5)

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Shown in the letter o that has no inner loops and is relatively wide. This person will be honest and blunt when asked her opinion. If the o is open, then she will volunteer her frank opinion without being asked.


This person will be eager to share. This writer derives attention and personal reward from being generous to others.


Indicates what type of goals a person will set for himself. These goals vary starting with a low level of self-worth, fear of failing, and low or no goals. Next is the person who sets practical goals. Third is ambition and high goals. The fourth reveals the dreamer and goals too high to be practical.

High Self-Esteem

This reveals confidence, ambition, the ability to plan ahead, high goals, high personal expectations, and an overall good self image. This is the key to personal success and happiness.


This person has a sense of humor which can become witty or sarcastic.


Reveals strong physical imagination, gullibility, and a tendency to exaggerate the tangible aspects of life. Has great ability to visualize and see things clearly. Can also reveal the philosophical imagination.

Independent Thinker

Independent Thinker

Shown by a short d or t-stem with a restricted or no loop. This person has his own ideas about the way life is. He thinks independently of what others believe. His dress and choices in life tend to be made without regard to the norm.



Shown by a circle i-dot. Most common in adolescent writing when a youth is trying to stand out from the crowd. In adulthood, she has a fear of being ordinary and must call attention to herself by being different. Also, it can indicate artistic creative expression.

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