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(Section 6)

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These people have developed a sixth sense or psychic ability to feel situations very accurately, often before they occur.


The writer is irritated at the time of the writing. He is be irritated at the present situation, at himself, or at other people. Anger is usually present.



A tight beginning loop that is small and almost square. It must make a completely closed circle. This person fears the loss of someone he loves. Can be very possessive.

Likes Variety

This person will get bored easily and needs variety in life. The physical drives are strong and deep, providing lots of energy.

Lives for the Moment

Immature. These people get into trouble because they live for today and fail to foresee the consequences of their actions. This person's philosophies and ethics change frequently.

Low Self-Esteem

This person fears failure and fears change, thus sets goals with low risk. He remains in bad situations much too long and finds imperfections with himself. He is rarely successful in his own eyes.



Shown by a picture-perfect i-dot with no tail in any direction. Loyalty is a commitment to stand by those people or ideas that they consider worthy.



Shown by a combination of loops in the right and left side of lower case a's and o's. Huge inner loops that cross signify a person that lies pathologically. These people are not trustworthy.


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