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Manual Dexterity...thru...Perversion

(Section 7)

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Manual Dexterity

Manual Dexterity

Square formations on top of the "r's" and/or "h's". This person has the ability to take things apart and put them back together. This writer has good manual dexterity and often good coordination. They are very mechanically minded.

Needs A Challenge

This person has an anger at strong members of the opposite sex, while only being attracted to those who are a challenge. Once this person feels totally in control of the relationship, he/she will become bored.

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The writer is sure tomorrow will be better and always looks on the bright side of life.

Organizational Ability

This writer will have the ability to create order out of chaos. Even if her desk appears messy, she will know what is in each pile. She is organized.


This handwriting is that of a person who spends time putting everything in its place and reviews work trying to make it precise.



Strokes that double back over the letter and end toward the right. Usually located in the t and f. This person has the quality of not giving up when confronted with temporary setbacks. He will persist until he completes the task.



Lower zone loops that are not shaped normally. These bizarre lower zone loops signify the sex/relationship aspect of the writer's life is unusual. If the loops are large, as shown, the sexual appetite crosses the line into sexual behavior outside the norm.


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