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Physical Frustration

Physical Frustration

Lower loops that are incomplete. This signifies the presence of frustration in areas such as relationships, exercise, or sexual activity. Something is incomplete in this person's life.

Physically Experimental

They will demand variety in their physical activities which must satisfy their insatiable physical desires. Sexually, they can be very demanding and often creative.


This writer makes statements with confidence and conviction. He will act like he knows the right answer even if he is not sure.



A t-bar that is crossed predominately on the left side of the stem. Procrastinators will put off until tomorrow what could have been done today. This trait is one factor of laziness.

Pride and Dignity

These writers will demand respect and expect you to treat them with dignity.



Inflexible beginning strokes at the beginning of a word. The stroke must start at the baseline or below and remain rigidly straight. This person is harboring anger, resentment, or hate toward something or someone.


Sarcasm is like a verbal dagger defending the ego. Sarcasm is forming a dual meaning to whatever is said and is often mixed with humor. Sarcastic people have a sharp tongue that can hurt others' feelings. The sarcasm can be directed toward self, instead of toward others, creating a tendency to be self-critical.


This person will withhold secrets from others. If highly secretive, this person will try to avoid giving you a complete answer.


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