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Selective Listener...thru...Socially Selective

(Section 9)

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Selective Listener

This person can tune other people out. He has his own ideas and will only agree with you if you agree with him. In other words, this person can be closed-minded.


This signifies the need to punish oneself. The writer may tend to be critical and sarcastic of himself.



Shown by the increasing height of the humps on the m's and n's. When the second hump is higher than the first, this person has a fear of being ridiculed and tends to worry what others might think when around strangers.


The person is under stress and self-control is being implemented. Signifies the person is obsessively controlling an action.



Inner loops on the left side of the circle letters. This person is deceiving himself about something that is happening to him at the moment. This person may not be consciously aware of the things in his life that he is refusing to face.

Self-Reliance and Leadership

This person possesses strong leadership qualities, relies on himself, and has a great amount of inner strength.

Sensitive To Criticism

Sensitive to Criticism

Shown by the looped stem in the lower case d or t. The bigger the loop, the more painful criticism is felt. If the loop is really inflated, this person will imagine criticism. The d-loop relates to personal self and the t-loop relates to sensitiveness to ideas or philosophies.

Socially Selective

Indicates the amount of trust and imagination as it relates to people. The writing reveals some trust, but they are very selective of whom they allow in their inner circle of friends.


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