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Celebrity Handwriting Samples:

What does Handwriting Analysis reveal about Bill Gates?

Bill Gates Handwriting Sample

Bart's analysis was featured in the "Weekly Strokes" newsletter and part of it is below:

"He slants very much to the right (de or e+ for those of you enrolled into the Home Study Course) and he has a vicious... I mean vicious... temper with sarcasm.

"For such a geeky guy, this writing sure seems to scream "in your face temper"... Looks can be deceiving. What do you think is his motivation in life?If the quote by John Bradshaw is accurate, Mr. Gates is full of fear, thus the only explanation for the anger, aggressiveness, and hostility.Or was it greed, luck, opportunity, ambition, deep emotions, competition, fear of losing, what?Success is a complicated process."

"I have never met an aggressive person who wasn't a fearful person"
- John Bradshaw

Student analysis of Bill's writing:

Submitted by Carole Rule, Tucson, AZ

The writing of Mr. Gates shows a person who feels he is more important that you or I. The high upper zone indicates he is most at home in the cerebral world. But the disintegrating mid zone and open bottom s indicates he would be a fish out of water with everyday tasks. For example, a surgeon who cannot do a simple home repair or a professor who cannot program a VCR.

The fast writing with the check mark movements to the right indicate a desire to get on with things or to the next order of business. At the same time the incomplete letters and missing i dots show he hates to be bothered with details. He will come up with the ideas or plans in great detail but the implementation will be done by someone else so he can get on to his next project.

He is a talker when it comes to his interests but is not a listener. After all, your problems are unimportant to him. When upset, though, he would not just yell but would thunder loudly and probably throw things around. That aggression has to go somewhere.

From his signature he has not the greatest self esteem in the world but his drive and ambition has taken him far anyway. Also, since Bill is legible but Gates could be several things, it is an indication he is prouder of being Bill and his accomplishments than of being Bill Gates. I bet if you called him Mr. Gates his first response would be Mr. Gates is my father.

Attention Handwriting Analysis Students:

If you have any comments about this handwriting, please submit your analysis of this handwriting sample via email to mail@myhandwriting.com for posting here on the website.

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