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Celebrity Handwriting Samples:

What does Handwriting Analysis reveal about Cary Grant?

[Cary Grant Handwriting Sample]

Student analysis of Cary Grant's handwriting:

Submitted by John Spessard, Dallas, TX

Cary's signature communicates that he wishes the world to see him as a flamboyant personality. He wants the world to view him as very outgoing (slant of C) and confident (above average t bar). The 't' in his signature gives us a clue that maybe the "real" Cary Grant is not as outgoing as he would like for us to believe.

In the text of his note, the slant of his letters indicates he leans towards being more emotionally reserved. Since the slant of his signature and salutation show him to be quite emotional and outgoing, I would conclude that socially he is playing the role of an friendly, outgoing, and life of the party personality. In private he is more difficult to know (shown by the slants in the text).

He shows a strong sex drive and imagination by most of his lower case 'y's. One of his lower case 'y's shows the loner tendency. Since in private he leans towards being less free emotionally, I find it easy to believe he is a loner. Outwardly, he may seem he has lots of friends but very few of these friendships is he emotionally invested in.

There is a downward slant to his handwriting which indicates to me a person who is pessimistic and depressed. His lower case 'i's indicate he is not a detail oriented person. The length of his 't' bars varies so I suspect that although he can be quite enthusiastic.....his enthusiasm comes in bursts rather than being a consistent part of his personality. The height of the 't' bar shows he has very good self esteem.

In some, Cary Grant did a lot of "acting" when he wasn't behind the camera.

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