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Celebrity Handwriting Samples:

What does Handwriting Analysis reveal about Sigmund Freud?

[Sigmund Freud Handwriting Sample]

Guest Analysis from around the World

I would like to go about this contribution which comes to you in the form of an analysis of the very famous Sigmund Freud, with a brief introduction of myself, first.

I am Sumanth Ennes, and I stay in Bangalore, India. I've been learning Graphology for seven years now, and suffice it to say that I have greatly benefited from this unique science. I began my Graphological stints with frequent references to the book by Fraser White, and since then I have referred to a lot other books as well, like the one by Ann Mahony, and a supplement in the Readers' Digest which dealt with the subject in some detail.

I have looked at the handwriting of Sigmund Freud as closely as I could, and this is what I have found:

The first thing that is very dominant about Freud's writing is the very less spacing he gives between the words and the sentences. This implies the deep interest he has for people, and also the fact that he is very disorganized.

His initial letters have a starting loop to them, and this means that new thoughts take a lot of time to register themselves in his head, or, like the proverbial tubelight, he takes time to turn on!

His intelligence is reflected in the sharp tops of the 'm's and the 'n's.

The tightly oven 'o's and the 'a's reflect his ability to keep a secret - a necessary feature of every psychologist.

The flow of the writing is a pointer to the flow of his thoughts as well. There is a definite link between this thought and the next.

The irritated 'i' dots show that he can be a short tempered person.

The initial upward slant of the sentences mellow down, and this can be a pointer to the fact that he is a person who has lots of enthusiasm initially, but the tempo is not sustained.

Freud is an extrovert - another common feature of a psychologist, and this is evident by the right slant of the letters.

The general shape of the small letter 'd' indicates an aversion towards gossip.

Sumanth Ennes
Bangalore, India

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