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Celebrity Handwriting Samples:

Serial Killer - Andrew Cunanan

Another Perspective on Cunanan's Writing...

by Mike Bloomberg, (student)


Andrew Cunanan Signature
(AP Photo/Jeffrey Boan)

It is widely reported on his ability to lie. This is extremely prevalent on the "A" in Andrew. This is a pathological liar if I've ever seen one. On the "d" is a wide loop which represents sensitivity to criticism. This could explain why he freaked when he got dumped by the man that he later killed.

His n's in his last name are extremely pointed at the tops which represents someone who has a quick, keen, analytical mind.

It was reported that he was extremely smart and able to come up with lies and an excuse for anything at the drop of a hat.

Notice the high-ending stroke on the "n" in his last name. This is definitely a desire for attention. By being in the public eye the way he so chose, he was definitely saying, "Hey, look at me!"

As reported in the news, this man was dishonest and extremely violent. This can be proven in his signature in 3 different ways. The pathological liar double-loops on the "A" in Andrew. It his hard to tell, but it appears that the oval in the middle zone on the lower case "d" is filled in with ink. This represents a trait or a propensity for violence.

This can be reassured with the final trait. This trait being how the pressure on the final "n" of his last name is much heavier than the rest of the name "Cunanan". Displaced pressure is a sign of an explosive or unstable temper.

On the news, they were saying how baffling it was that Cunanan could be so quiet and inactive for a period of time and then, without warning, become so violent. Had they seen his handwriting, it would make much more sense. The final thought is this...

His signature does not appear to be one having a large ego. Perhaps this explains his ability to blend in as he was claimed to do so well. Also, being a pathological liar, he probably had the ability to convince himself that he was actually the person that he was pretending to be at that time.

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