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JonBenet Ramsey

The Ransom Note

Because of the file size of the ransom note, we have presented it in two sections. The first part is shown here, and a link below the image will take you to the second section.

Following the ransom note, read Bart's analysis and then see what other analysts say about it.

JonBenet Ransom Note (Part 1)

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Bart's take on the Ransom Note:

This note raised more questions than we had before the note.

When we, as document examiners, compare this writing with the known writing of the mother, we come up empty. There doesn't seem to be a match... which explains why, after taking five samples of writing, the experts in Colorado also didn't get a match.

We don't have enough handwriting of the father, John Ramsey, to rule him out as the author of the note. But, it strikes me as peculiar that the ransom note is so long and doesn't appear to be in a "fake" handwriting, which one would suspect of someone doing if they were trying to "cover up" a crime or put the police on a wild goose chase. Although the note starts out as nervous and shaky, it levels out throughout and appears to have similar characteristics until the end.

Character revelations from the handwriting:

  • Great attention to detail:    close i-dots
  • Low self-esteem:    low t-bar crossing
  • Emotionally distant:    all printing and vertical slant
  • Sexual frustration:    incomplete lower loops
  • In a hurry:    printing and frequent pen lifts
  • Domineering/ excessive need for control:    downward t-bars

In a nutshell, the identity of the author of the note cannot be clearly determined without more handwriting samples from other suspects. My number one suspect... still... is John Ramsey. What's your guess?

Other insights into the Ramsey note:

Comments from other analysts

Another interesting interpretation from Donald Pugh, Certified Handwriting Analyst, a graduate of HandwritingU.com.

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