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JonBenet Ramsey

The Ransom Note

What other analysts say about the Ransom Note...

Dear Mr. Baggett,

My husband ordered some of your merchandise, and we received it today. I didn't know he had ordered it, and I find it all very fascinating. After studying the booklet, cards, and video I logged onto your web site and read the Ramsey ransom note. Then I studied the handwriting of both Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey. You didn't state when in 1997 Mr. Ramsey's signature is from, before or after the murder. I do find it Very Interesting that after 19 years his signature is so different.

The ransom note itself is, of course, Very Interesting. The writer never uses the name JonBenet, it is 'your daughter' throughout, as if the writer - by not using the child's name - was trying to deny the horrible murder committed. The note is also an angry personal attack against John Ramsey, i.e. "Don't try to grow a brain, John". And, the writer places all the blame for the death of this child on John if ANYONE messes up or makes a mistake.

Maybe John Ramsey did murder his child, but I think Patsy Ramsey wrote the ransom note. There are a lot of little similarities between her partial letter and the ransom note.

  1. The left margins are the same on each.
  2. The capital letters R are almost the same on each, even though in the note it was printed and in the letter it was used in cursive writing.
  3. In the ransom note on the second page the line beginning, "If the money is in any way marked"... the a in the word way, and a few lines below in the word Law, the lower case a is written differently than all the others in the note. In Mrs. Ramsey's letter, she switches between using the cursive a and the printed a. Her printed a is VERY similar to most of the ones in the ransom note. And her cursive a is similar to the two exceptions in the note as stated above.
  4. The printed word "be" is also very similar. And look at the word "back" in Mrs. Ramsey's letter. The lower case b and a are almost exactly the same as most of the ones in the ransom note.
  5. The use of the exclamation marks in both the letter and note. How many men do you think would use exclamation marks in a ransom note?
  6. The use of the word "Victory!" at the end of the ransom note. To me, this indicates someone who is very determined to win. Mrs. Ramsey went to great lengths and was very determined that her daughter would win all those beauty pagents.

Thanks for giving me this chance to examine a bit of this case. It is my true hope that the killer be caught and given the stiffest sentence possible.

Also, I am looking forward to taking the full course for becoming a Certified Handwriting Analyst.


J. Doyle

"I don't think the Dad killed John Benet. Psychologically speaking, if there is no history of abuse (and I mean abuse that neighbors and outside family/friends know about), it is usually the mother that kills her children and the motive is to get back at the father of the child. Patsy Ramsey killed her daughter for and because of the reasons you listed as being characteristics of the note writer." ... Tania Ake

Monique Brockley (dianed3@chorus.net)
June 13, 2000

I have to say that with as much detail as that letter had, I think it is entirely possible that it was practiced for over a year. It could possibly be Patsy's lover writing what Patsy directed him to do.

What does S.B.T.C really mean? you assume it's a sexual ritual? what if it just meant "southern belle taking charge"? It almost looks like a divorce note, i.e. "Give me money to start a new life".

On the word "daughter" there is a rightward maniacal ending to "ter" most of the time suggesting a dangerously impulsive feeling toward the daughter personally. I thought that odd for a stranger.

There seems to be sexual guilt in the sentence "you and your family are under constant scrutiny" further adding to my theory that Patsy has a lover and sees John as sexually incompatible ( when referring to him as "you" it looks as if the writer perceives John as rigid, unyielding and emotionally unavailable in the sexual area.

There is an obvious connection between money and work and confusion about where it will come from next. I believe this was planned out. I don't believe they meant for the child to die, but I think that when the note on the second page starts declining, the child is now dead and it conveys the feeling of depression and heavy weight on the writer's mind.

That's my thoughts on it.

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