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NLP 10 Cassette Home Study Course:

The Secrets to Creating Sexual Chemistry


Creating Chemistry
...Creating that state of incredible connection INSTANTLY...
...with whomever you choose...
...and creating incredible relationships, too!
Dear Visitor,

I have always been curious as to why men and women seem to be irresistibly attractive and others never get a date. As I studied the field of NLP, those answers became obvious. I began to learn the techniques and change my thoughts and behaviors. Quite frankly the information you are about to read will shock you. It might piss some people off that I am telling you this. Some will call it manipulation.

Others will call "foul-play" for understanding them so well and being able to TAKE BACK control of your love life.

By the way,the women that you will hear on the audio tapes LOVED the course and it applies to females as much as to men. But, the profound results seemed to be had by males because of the tremendous inaccessibility to sex they had before they learned the SECRETS.

Mastering Relationships & Seduction Using Advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques

The Secrets To Creating Chemistry
(2 Day Live Seminar Recorded on 10 hours of audio tape.)

Advanced NLP Home Study Course...by Bart A. Baggett


  • 10 Cassettes: Nine Hours of Live Recordings
  • Time-Line Meditations: Create Your Future Love
    -and- Clearing Up Past Relationships
  • A Special Time-Line Programming Cassette that literally places
    the memory of your ideal mate into your future time-line on the
    subconscious level. You just relax.
  • The 65 page Secrets to Creating Chemistry Seminar Manual/Workbook

Here's why people recommend the Secrets to Creating Chemistry Seminar...

"I just wanted to say that your Creating Chemistry course is the best thing I've ever read, because it has worked miracles in my life AND using the cause and effect thing has been one of the best things I've ever done alone!" ... JR Rosenbaum


"I was worried that this would be just another positive thinking- pump-em-up give them nothing real course. I'm very pleased to say that it was instead very REAL and chock-full of effective and usable means to build confidence and achieve interpersonal goals."...William Stanley, Sacramento, CA


"In-depth. Details. Thorough. This was just what I needed to fully understand and feel comfortable using NLP in the context of relationships. This was time and money well spent. Highly recommended. " ...Art Simkins, Ontario, CA

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Dear Friend,

The whole concept of "chemistry" has been very, very, very misrepresented by all those "experts." Maybe they were sincere, but for sure they were misguided. You see, there's actually a simple, predictable, and specific method that you can master in a very short time. This secret system combines the powerful technologies of NLP., time-line, handwriting analysis, and Bart's own unique special methods.

Can you imagine how good you would feel to be able to walk up to anyone you find attractive and instantly create that deep sense of connection, rapport, sexual excitement? If in the past, you have left "chemistry" to chance, you are in for a big surprise. Read On.

Sexual chemistry can be created at your beck and call. In fact, you can also create states of lust, commitment, intimacy, and even love. Bart has discovered the most amazing new developments in the field of human development, psychology, and persuasion that can release your power to finally have the kind of relationship you have always wanted. And now, you can learn it all in a two day workshop from your car or home on cassette tapes.

Have you ever wondered, "Why do some people feel an uncontrollable magnetic attraction to someone, and others have no spark?" The answer is the internal mental process. Now, you can control this process.

After years of studying the master persuaders, linguists, lovers, and therapists, Bart discovered the secrets to falling in love AND he can teach you the specific method for making others fall in love with you (or just lust, whichever fits your agenda). Much of the technology is based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming(tm) and the concept of Time-Line. Even if you have a background in either one of these fantastic methodologies for change, you've never seen or heard the specific outcomes that you can achieve using this specific system. It is truly a breakthrough is human behavior.

Now you can attend Bart's $295 2-Day Creating Chemistry seminar without ever leaving your home... for less! Imagine spending two days with Bart Baggett unlocking the secrets to creating states of lust, passion, love, and absolute connection.

Home Study Course Finally Available
As you complete The Secrets To Creating Chemistry Home Study Course, you'll understand clearly---maybe for the first time in your life---how some people consistently create charisma, love, and passion in their lives. What's more... you will have the actual skills to do it.

You Learn Specific Skills
Sophisticated communication skills that create intense states of pleasure whenever you use them. In addition you will learn specific tools to control your present attitude, other's reaction to you, and even program your future. You will be able identify, explain, and use the following specific skills:

  • Create an instant state of attraction within the first 1 minute of meeting.
  • Identify someone's motivational strategy.
  • The best opening sentences so that people find you totally fascinating.
  • Elicit someone's highest values in life.
  • Lead your lover into a long lasting commitment.
  • Discover how to lead your lover into the ultimate orgasm.
  • Learn specific ways to gain rapport and create attraction person based on the individual's handwriting traits.


  • The Most Magical Words in the English language that create intense agreement with you as you speak. These words put people into an instant state of trance and you can give subtle commands that they will follow.
  • Using your body to communicate and lead other's unconscious mind. This goes much deeper than body language. This knowledge teaches to use your body to control the internal states of someone, without ever saying a word about it! It gives you rapport at the deepest levels.
  • Over Nine Hours of Live Seminar Recordings.
  • A special Time-Line Programming Cassette that literally places the memory of your ideal mate into your future time-line on the subconscious level. You just relax.
  • The 65 page Secrets To Creating Chemistry Seminar Manual / Workbook.

Of Course, It's Guaranteed!
"That's right, guaranteed. I realize that taking many hours out of your busy schedule can seem like a risk at first. (Not to mention the money.) In order to encourage you to feel absolutely comfortable buying this program, I have decided to take all the risk. If you are not completely thrilled and excited about the new ways you have to control your destiny, relationships, and love-life, simply return the course for a full refund...up to one year after your purchase. You have my personal money-back, no questions asked, unconditional satisfaction guarantee."---Bart

READ NOW how Scientific Discovery Reveals Secrets to Creating Romantic Chemistry , an excerpt from Bart A. Baggett's best selling book The Secrets to Making Love Happen!

Manual and Tapes Image
The Secrets to Creating Chemistry Advanced NLP Home Study Course
10 Cassettes and sixty-five page manual
Item# SCCHSC-Net
Price: $179.00 (Retail value: $195.00)

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