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Can Handwriting Reveal the Personality Success Secrets of
the Rich & Happy? New 435 page book makes the case for changing your handwriting to earn more cash and boost emotional contentment.

Handwriting Analyst and Self-Help Author, Bart Baggett hosts May 12 th Seminar and local book signings in effort to help DFW residents get more love and more money! "Mind your p's and q's", the old saying goes. It could mean the difference between success and struggle, love and loneliness. According to Bart Baggett, one of the nation's premier handwriting experts and Director of HandwritingUniversity.com, the only online training institute for handwriting analysis, the way you cross your T's and dot your I's can determine your chance for success.

In his new 435 page book "The Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy." (Empresse Publishing, May 2001 Release) Baggett explores the key factors between successful and emotionally happy people versus those people that experience financial and emotional poverty. Leaning on his 16 years of research in the field of handwriting analysis, Baggett focuses a quarter of the book on examining the "success traits" found in the handwriting of people like Michael J. Fox, Bill Gates, John Glenn, and even Howard Stern. He is releasing the book during the first week in May, 2001 in selected Dallas/ Fort Worth area Barnes and Nobles, in preparation for his May 12th, 2001 full day public seminar hosted by Fun-Ed. (Fun-Ed Registration 972-960-2666).

The seminar will not just focus on handwriting, Baggett explains that rich and happy people have a different set of belief systems, personality traits, values, decision processes, and even health choices than those of lesser financial stature. Baggett followers firmly believe that by making changes in their thought processes, daily habits, beliefs, and even their handwriting, they can earn more money and experience better relationships. In a nutshell, Baggett's seminars are designed for people to make a dramatic change in the course of their life toward more financial and emotional abundance. "I have researched the handwriting of thousands of successful people around the world and the success traits are extremely consistent," said Baggett. "The traits are easy to spot once you learn them, and what is even more exciting is you can actually program your own handwriting to include the success traits and see positive differences in your life."

Seven Success Traits: Baggett has identified seven personality traits commonly found in the handwriting of successful people. Most have a corresponding handwriting stroke that makes it easy to spot in yourself or a potential love interest: High Goals and Ambition (t-bars crossed on the top of the stem) Strong self-esteem (Large signature and high crossed t-bars) Determination (heavy down strokes below the baseline) Persistence (not picking up your pen when you cross the letter t) Strong Physical Drives (large and heavy y and g loops) Integrity (clean open o's or a small or no internal loop) Enthusiasm (extra long strokes to make the crossing of your t)

Handwriting Analysis has seen a rise in popularity in the last few years thanks in part to Mr. Baggett's frequent media appearances and his internet website, www.myhandwriting.com, which offers online training, chat rooms and books, tapes, and video courses that make what used to be complicated, simple.

One title, called "How You Can Analyze Handwriting in Ten Minutes or Less" is designed to walk a total novice through the basic steps to get an accurate, although not in-depth, analysis from a sample of writing using a deck of Handwriting Flash Cards. "The trick to helping the average person get value from handwriting analysis is the ability to make this psychological profiling method easy to understand and entertaining to learn," said Baggett.

Debbie Brown, Baggett's personal assistant, chose her recent husband from over 500 e-mails on the AOL dating service. She had all her favorite candidates fax her his handwriting before she granted him a face-to-face date. Lance had the best penmanship, Lance chose the best-man at their recent March wedding.

Handwriting isn't just an American trend. This topic of personality profiling and self-improvement even has an audience halfway around the world in India, where Baggett delivered his new seminar "Handwriting Success Secrets" live to thousands of enthusiastic Indians in Bombay, New Delhi, and Bangalore in 1998. Currently, his home study course and Grapho-Deck have been translated into Chinese and are being distributed in Taiwan. It is a worldwide phenomenal that started in Dallas,TX. (Mr. Baggett grew up on the Dallas metroplex.) "When I explain the many benefits of the new science of handwriting analysis, people line up to learn it. (At least line up to for me to talk about themselves! Ha.)

Anyone interested in self-improvement, psychology, or improving their relationships will naturally find my seminars a valuable experience." Baggett said. For more information about handwriting analysis, training, finding a qualified handwriting expert, or to order available books or tapes, call 214-673-8886 or visit www.myhandwriting.com or www.handwritingexperts.com.

Editors: PDF versions of new book "Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy" are available upon request in minutes via e-mail. Interviews with Baggett and local handwriting experts available. Call 214-673-8886, available Los Angeles and nationwide or visit www.myhandwriting.com/media

To Book, Call 214-673-8886, available Los Angeles and nationwide.

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