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6/11/2001 Press Release: Timothy McVeigh . Could this happen again?

Could this happen again? McVeigh's prison letters reveal alarming personality profile, Handwriting Analyst offers insight into the "soldier on a warped mission"

Many have questions about what type of person could actually carry out an act
of violence as atrocious as the Oklahoma City bombing. In the shadow of
Monday's execution of Timothy McVeigh, Bart Baggett, one of the nation's
leading handwriting experts and director of HandwritingUniversity.com, sheds
light on McVeigh's personality. He has conducted an in-depth analysis of
McVeigh's prison letters and found some insightful, alarming personality
traits in a man he says is "just an effective soldier on a warped mission".

Baggett was first asked to analyze McVeigh's letters in an interview for the
Catherine Crier Show and has since posted more in-depth results of his
analysis, along with audio of the program online at

"In a nutshell, Timothy McVeigh is an anti-social introvert with extreme
arrogance, low internal self-esteem and a lack of empathy or social
conscience, said Baggett. "I wouldn't expect an apology from him."

The most obvious traits in his handwriting are the size and slant of the
letters. Printing rather than cursive writing and the leftward slant
indicates his lack of social and emotional expressiveness and his detachment
from society.

"He must have experienced some major emotional trauma in his past to become
that withdrawn and emotionally cold and calculated," said Baggett.

His low t-bars (where he crosses the letter t ), combined with tall t-stems
indicates a dramatic gap between his true self-esteem which is very low, and
his egomaniacal pride and vanity which is very large.

"Anytime the distance between delusions of self-importance and an internal
lack of self-worth co-exist in the same person, outrageous behavior usually
occurs to compensate for the lack of balance, " said Baggett.

However, some of the traits found in his handwriting are actually common to
successful people, perhaps one of the reasons he was successful in his

The t-bars are quite long indicating enthusiasm, which translates into
someone who will get excited and complete projects he undertakes. His
enthusiasm would also make it easy for him to enroll others in his mission.

His writing is tiny and well formed which indicates precision and
perfectionism. "These are the traits of a good soldier, which McVeigh was,"
Baggett said. However, McVeigh became a soldier with a warped mission
against the U.S. Government, reportedly in retaliation for the government's
mishandling of the Waco and Ruby Ridge standoffs.

His handwriting also revealed that he is not particularly intelligent, but he
is methodical and focused.

"He is not overburdened with natural smarts," said Baggett. "But, because of
his extra ordinary ability to focus on one task, his excessive perfectionist
tendencies, and slow methodical thinking, he can learn, memorize information,
and carry out a mission with military-like precision."

"The difference in McVeigh and just a "good soldier" was complete emotional
detachment from consequences, no empathy, and ego-driven lack of respect for
chain of command," Baggett added.

Baggett summarizes on his website the power traits found in McVeigh's
writing, many of which are found in the handwriting of powerful and
successful people, and the negative traits, which in combination created this
misguided soldier. For more information on handwriting analysis or the
McVeigh prison letters, go to http://www.handwritinguniversty.com

See Handwriting Samples and full analysis here.


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